With rare exceptions, I read two types of blogs: blogs about politics and current affairs, and blogs about cooking.  Sometimes, I get both in one (which is why I heart the IFA).  But recently, I’ve realised a problem with my love affair with cooking blogs.

Most of them come from the Northern Hemisphere.

As the internet gets bigger, the world gets smaller.  But there’s one thing about the world that doesn’t seem likely to change: when it’s getting warm in the southern hemisphere, it’s getting cold here.  (I’d have said “there’s one thing that won’t change but, hello, global warming).

So, just when it’s getting cool, and I’m dreaming of creamy pot pies and red wine, all my favourite cooking blogs have recipes for ice creams and salads and white wine recommendations.

So that’s what we need: more cooking blogs from the southern hemisphere.

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  1. I definitely agree with you there. Can I assume you’ll give your faithful readers a heads up when you find a good one? There’s bound to be one out there!

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