I'm a writer and professional communicator. My writing focuses on parenting, American politics, sport, gender and baking, and has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, ABC Online, SBS and The Guardian. I've also spent more than a decade in corporate communications, working across fields as diverse as sport, agriculture, infrastructure and financial services. I specialise in digital communications, community engagement, and in developing practical and measurable communications plans.

I live in a shed with my partner and our toddler daughter just outside Sydney, Australia.

Recently, I made a perfect meringue after almost three decades of trying. It was a pretty great moment.

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Writing on sport, politics, parenting and more...

Primary School

A podcast about the 2020 Democratic Primary campaign, by non-Americans, for non-Americans.

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For Clara

ay, I am joining hundreds of other people in grieving the loss of my incredible friend, Clara Jordan-Baird, who passed away suddenly and tragically this week.

The Avalanche

My daughter is seven and a half months old and we have run out of money…